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    What Incorporator.com.au's customers say about it

    The following is a small selection of the numerous highly complimentary comments regularly received by Incorporator.

    "It has been a pleasure and a joy to utilise your services to set-up a new company.

    I cannot express how simple and straight forward it has been to go through an otherwise daunting process.

    You provide a valuable service and I only wish more people knew what you offered. I'll certainly be coming back to set-up more companies through your website and also recommend others to do the same."

    Ashley Tanna
    Chatswood, NSW
    30 April 2019

    "I have just used 'Incorporator' to buy a new Pty Ltd Company. This was the easiest purchase I have made in a long time. They are so knowledgeable and professional and gave me some advice that was so relevant to my situation. The whole experience was seamless, fast response times and easy to navigate. I highly recommend their services and they are very price competitive."

    Deborah Prior
    BBQ Spit Roast Pty Ltd
    23 January 2019

    "I did quite a bit of research before using Incorporator. I was very impressed when I came across the site. Accountants (including my own) typically charge between $1,000 and $1,200 to incorporate a company and only receive a small amount of that for themselves as they outsource the work. Incorporator therefore saved me nearly $600 that I can put back into my business. Most importantly, because of the thorough nature of the website I received an excellent education on the process of incorporating and running a company. Well done! I will certainly recommend your software to anyone I know who needs to incorporate."

    Taya Seidler
    Process Power Pty Ltd
    Kenmore, QLD
    15 January 2017

    "Excellent. I'm very impressed. As someone in the IT business, I appreciate the work you have put into this."

    Mike Allen
    Mike Allen Services Pty Ltd
    Spring Hill, QLD
    11 June 2016

    "The service provided has been excellent and the website is so simple and easy to use."

    Varun Bahree
    Vistaar Pty Ltd
    Preston, VIC
    9 March 2016

    "Really terrific service you guys. No need to say anything more, except Thank-you!"

    Craig Martin
    MMR Corporation Pty Ltd
    Leeming, WA
    9 February 2016

    "Your website is simple, easy to follow and provides great, easy to understand feedback. You should go into business showing other people how to do that!"

    Darren Strengers
    iEPFC Pty Ltd
    Corio, VIC
    10 September 2015

    "Excellent. This was a really easy process with lots of information and prompts. The speed of registration was amazing."

    Steve Curry
    CapabilityBuilder Pty Ltd
    3 July 2015

    "Fantastic service, so helpful and very easy to use, cannot recommend highly enough to anyone wanting to register an ACN. Great!!!"

    Perth Kanga Services Pty Ltd
    Coogee, NSW
    10 December 2014

    "Excellent. Very easy to use, good instructions and fast response."

    Ruth Northcott
    Australian Air Medical Pty Ltd
    North Lakes, QLD
    24 September 2014

    "I really appreciate your professionalism and how fast you responded. I would recommend to any person who wants to incorporate a company in Australia to use Incorporator."

    Roland Domoraud
    LOCOBRE Pty Ltd
    Maydena, TAS
    14 July 2014

    "I was very impressed with this service - especially the helpful notes and instructions as I went through (nothing was missed)."

    Tom Cockle
    Venture Auditing Services Pty Ltd
    Palmyra, WA
    10 July 2014

    "Excellent service as usual."

    Anthony Davis
    Sorrell, TAS
    26 March 2014

    "Excellent. You guys are great."

    Jen Barnes
    Ducks & Moons Proprietary Limited
    Peel, NSW
    4 March 2014

    "Lifesaver. I don't know how to THANK YOU for being so persistent, professional, patient and the way you went out of your way to help and nothing was too much to ask. You found solutions where none seemed obvious. You made a difficult issue in to a sensible solution and outcome. You are a credit to your company. This is what SERVICE is all about."

    Stephan Kasanczuk
    WolfThink Pty Ltd
    Croydon, NSW
    26 February 2014

    "This was an excellent service and very simple to use."

    Robert Miles
    Miles & Miles Aerospace Pty Ltd
    Gowrie, ACT
    1 February 2014

    "All done. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone."

    Peter Salo
    Rivers Pacific Pty Ltd
    Doreen, VIC
    25 November 2013

    "After an initial problem during the incorporation of the company, the staff at Incorporator addressed the problem and had it resolved within the hour: great customer service. I can highly recommend using Incorporator."

    Tim Killen
    Watersport Concepts Pty Ltd
    South Coogee, NSW
    4 July 2013

    "Really good. Fast set-up of a company"

    Alan Ng
    REQ Construction Pty Ltd
    Maidstone, VIC
    6 March 2013

    "A straight forward application with clear, concise information when needed. Simple and easy to use."

    Meg McIlwain
    Wingham, NSW
    17 February 2013

    "Fantastic, well-oiled service."

    Tristram Geary
    Torchborne Screens Pty Ltd
    St Peters, SA
    30 January 2013

    "This is really an excellent tool; straight forward and logical."

    Jed Lim
    See-Thru Logic Pty Ltd
    Adelaide, SA
    24 December 2012

    "Great service, support and tips. Very easy to use and a great way to make things easy."

    Alvaro Maz
    Creative Suburbs Pty. Ltd.
    South Yarra, VIC
    21 November 2012

    "Don't be nervous about using Incorporator.com.au to register your new company. It's easy and straightforward and you're not alone, as the phone support is prompt and very helpful. I saved over $1,000 by doing it myself and had it all completed within 15 minutes. Very highly recommended."

    Linden Riddell
    20 November 2012

    "Incorporator was amazing. It was so easy to use which is why I paid for the service instead of doing it myself. For a first timer it seemed so daunting, but using Incorporator literally was the easiest thing I've had to do all day. Couldnt be happier!"

    Natalie Chapman
    MBFC My Best Friend's Closet Pty Ltd
    Cranebrook, NSW
    20 October 2012

    "Well done Incorporator! Good system, ACN within minutes, good documentation! (From a business analyst/system designer for 10 years.)"

    Mal Davies
    Code Road Studios Pty Ltd
    Wakerley, QLD
    12 October 2012

    "Thank you so much for this fantastic website! It's so simple and easy to use. My fears of having to spend days trying to work out how to register a business was transformed into a simple online questionnaire. Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be using your services again!"

    Magnus Celander
    Sybarite Solutions Pty Ltd
    Matraville, NSW
    11 October 2012

    "Did lots of inquiry to satisfy myself that all was above board. The ability to 'test drive' was the clincher for me. And being able to pick up all the info from the test drive rather than having to re-enter was a great feature. I WILL be using this facility again."

    Michael Dwyer
    Kialla, VIC
    9 October 2012

    "Very well designed process and the best imaginable customer service for my questions: quick, competent and really wanting to help."

    Andre Burki
    Burki Pty Ltd
    Quinns Rocks, WA
    30 September 2012

    "Excellent. Quick, affordable and extremely user friendly - there is no doubt I will continue to use Incorporator again!"

    Jesse Crofts
    Brisbane, QLD
    21 August 2012

    "I always appreciate a good user experience and Incorporator was certainly that - very quick and easy."

    Mel Kendell
    Pakenham Upper, VIC
    8 August 2012

    "Great system, hassle-free, very quick and helpful hints along the way. Recommended."

    Charlene Baker
    Gordon, NSW
    17 July 2012

    "Excellent website - very logical and easy to use. If only all process websites were this easy! Obviously built by someone who had the user in mind. And the 'Helpline' is fantastic. Congratulations."

    Chris Palmer
    Kettering, TAS
    23 May 2012

    "An excellent site with an easy to follow process."

    Amelia McArthur
    Port Macquarie, NSW
    16 May 2012

    "Searching the internet for possibilities to establish my company, 'Global Flow Institute', I discovered the website wap.caihong888.com.cn. I was and still am impressed about how easy this website makes it to establish a company!! Simply press the red button which leads you through an easy 'step by step' process. Moreover, in case you have a questions (or like I - several questions ...) you just can call the customer support number which you'll find easily on the website. To make it short: if you want to establish your own company, you are on the right place - Thank you very much!!"

    Ilja Thomas Gull
    Global Flow Institute Pty Ltd
    Kangaroo Point, QLD
    4 May 2012

    "This website is brilliant and I can't help but think how easy you make it for those of us who are lacking in confidence when it comes to doing something like this."

    Heather McCubbin
    Beresford, WA
    25 March 2012

    "I was sceptical at first but, my word, it was so simple to use. Very fast and efficient and cost effective - it was even a $1000 cheaper than my accountant wanted to charge me."

    Iluka, WA
    13 March 2012

    "The incorporator is too good to be true; it was so easy to use and so informative . . . Loved the incorporator and would recommend to anyone looking to register a company. In seriously a matter of minutes, was printing my certificate and had my ACN . . . Cheers!"

    Naomi Barnard
    Wagga Wagga, NSW
    1 March 2012

    "Excellent. Very easy and very good guidance as I have never done [this] before."

    David Mcilraith
    Glen Waverley, VIC
    21 February 2012

    "Excellent process. So user friendly & simple to use. Best part was the price. Accountant quoted $1650 & your fee was a saving of $1000 plus I did it myself in 20 mins."

    Raymond Hastie
    Windsor Downs, NSW
    14 January 2012

    "An excellent, well designed web process; turning an awkward legal procedure into a simple, quick process."

    Jake Williams
    Gordon, NSW
    10 January 2012

    "I found this site to be brilliant in its simplicity. Well done."

    Stephen King
    Fortitude Valley, QLD
    28 December 2011

    "The best customer service ever. Explained all I needed to know and also helped me attain a bank account. Went beyond the call of duty. Best money ever spent."

    Arshia Raissian
    Rhodes, NSW
    7 November 2011

    "Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the incorporator service. It made an otherwise nightmare of red tape, a breeze. Very well designed website and process. If only the Government put such effort into things all our lives would be so much easier. . . Thank you again for the exceptional service you have provided."

    Greg Hibbett
    Adelaide, SA
    22 August 2011

    "Perfect! I'm quite tickled that it was so easy. I looked at a few incorporation-service companies . . . and felt that your service would be smoother and more comprehensive. Glad I chose incorporator.com.au!"

    Jerry Ochs
    Rocky Hall, NSW
    11 August 2011

    "I would just like to say what a wonderful service you provide. I used incorporator.com.au to research the process and incorporate my company. Before actually doing the deed, I called the helpline twice with various questions and received lots of helpful answers and advice. I have used the resources page lots both before and after incorporating, and have found all the information and links to be both relevant and useful. I absolutely could not have done this without this website."

    Samantha Oates
    North Rocks, NSW
    22 June 2011

    "This is a great system that makes the process quick and easy, and the customer support was fantastic."

    Trent Brindle
    mitones AV Pty Ltd
    t/a Mitones Audio, Video & Control
    Rozelle, NSW
    3 May 2011

    "I found the whole Incorporator experience seamless. Other online companies offering similar services didn't fill me with confidence, hence selecting Incorporator. The process for an Internet savvy guy like me was quick and easy, and would be equally so for those less computer literate. All docs completed and emailed within minutes. The integration with ASIC is great too, worth paying the extra and not having to sign/print/fax like others! Up and running quick and simple. Thanks so much."

    Jason Wadley
    Iluka Consulting
    Clayfield, QLD
    27 April, 2011

    "Excellent service - easy to follow, logical sequence with right clarification available. Benchmark for aspects of my service."

    Andrew Christopher
    Noranda, WA
    30 March 2011

    "I just wanted to say - what an awesome website. You guys are fantastic. I have only just moved to Australia. We are setting up a business here but before that we also just purchased a house. OMG what a time consuming backward way of doing things, it was so painful. So you can imagine our thoughts when we decided to buy a company. But thanks to Incorporator.com.au it was easy to register, and you have great links for small business. One word: Awesome."

    David Passuello & Kelley Cooper
    Upper Coomera, QLD
    25 March 2011

    "I found the experience excellent."

    Michelle Domenech
    Fortitude Valley, QLD
    10 March 2011

    "I found the site to be easy to deal with & straight forward. Truthful and honest is the way to go."

    Felicity Cunningham
    North Rocks, NSW
    22 February 2011

    "Rarely in today's world of cyber assisted offerings does a program work as advertised. Without doubt, this has to be the most simple and practical DIY site I have ever visited. The additional personal assistance, without any delays, restores one's faith in people. The offering of 'Back Up' access to relevant documentation is also very comforting."

    Trevor Hansen
    Dundathu, QLD
    22 December 2010

    "I found incorporator.com.au incredibly easy to use and the support services of the highest professional standard. Great value too."

    Sam Rowe
    Northwest Diving Services Pty Ltd
    Broome, WA
    1 December 2010

    "Dead easy to use and instructions made it simple to follow."

    Dave Harrison
    Adelaide, SA
    23 October 2010

    "Great program, easy to use and even better, you get to speak to a real person if you need to."

    Haidee Hines
    Somersby, NSW
    21 October 2010

    "I work in the computer industry and I have to say that your website is very well laid out and easy to follow."

    Ronald Inglesby
    Mount Lawley, WA
    15 October 2010

    "Great tool! Plenty of helpful pop up boxes. I never felt uncertain about what I was doing."

    Stefen Brazulaitis
    Mount Lawley, WA
    24 September 2010

    "Thank you for your assistance in setting up my company using Incorporator. I would definitely be confident in using your service again, and I will be recommending it to anyone wanting to set up their own company in the future!"

    Sue Corrigan
    Warner, QLD
    2 September 2010

    "Fantastic service. Very quick & very helpful along the way. I would definitely use this site again to create a company."

    Bernie Smith
    Blackburn, VIC
    23 August 2010

    "An excellent, comprehensive service. I appreciated both the ability to save inputs and to e-mail myself backup copies of documents. Very clear instructions and simple, but detailed explanations. You seem to have thought of everything!"

    Evangeline Than
    Leeming, WA
    3 August 2010

    "Good service! Last time we set up a company it took ages and cost a lot more. This is excellent. And we could get everything signed straight away with people in 2 countries and 3 cities."

    Callum McDonald
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    29 July 2010

    "I have had a very pleasant experience by using Incorporator.com.au. The written communication was of an exceptional standard. The best feature of Incorporator is in the excellence of customer service - caring, prompt and efficient."

    Abdur Quaderi
    Career Design International
    Management Trends
    Career Driver
    Mobile: 0431 082 328
    Mt Gravatt, QLD
    16 July 2010

    "I just wanted to mail a short note for thanking Incorporator for making incorporation so easy.

    As a disabled person running a very small Registered Training Organization primarily to provide quality first aid training for the under-privileged at minimal or no cost, and not being fully conversant with what was required to become a company, I was daunted by the sheer amount of effort this would take to do myself.

    Incorporator made the process simple. It was an extremely informative process and I have learned a lot by going through it. You covered every area that was relevant - there was a lot of information I had not even considered!

    Incorporator took what had been an extremely stressful situation for me and turned it into a major achievement!

    Thank you for having such an informative, well set-out, each-step-explained and simple process. You are to be congratulated!"

    Cherie McLean
    Cherie McClean-First Aid Services Pty Ltd ACN 144 957 808
    Frankston North, VIC
    1 July 2010

    "Great tool. Everything is explained clearly all during the process. Excellent hotline for questions. Highly recommended."

    Thierry Pomel
    Redbank Plains, QLD
    9 June 2010

    "Incorporator is excellent. Great & easy service, also very helpful staff when I rang."

    Sylwester Zwolinski
    AusCom Pty Ltd ACN 142 760 030
    Wollongong, NSW
    24 March 2010

    "I am absolutely thrilled with the Incorporator Website. The instructions were crystal clear and any issues that cropped up were already anticipated and the answers were there as to what to do next.

    I found that within 30 minutes I had successfully registered my new Pty Ltd Company. As to value for money I felt it was money well spent.

    Keep up the good work. You deserve your success."

    Bill Gates
    Hornsby, NSW
    Tel: 0433121719
    4 February 2010

    "Congratulations on the Incorporator website. I've been working with IT for 9 years and I always appreciate simple and effective online systems. I got everything set up in just a few minutes by answering a couple of questions. To make things even better, I've received plenty of useful information (ABN, TFN, Bank Accounts, GST and such) after everything was done. Good luck and keep up the good work."

    Leonardo Crespo
    Lead Web Developer for SmartSalary.com.au
    MCPD Enterprise Application Developer
    Sun Certified Java Developer
    Pyrmont, Sydney - NSW
    4 February 2010

    "A very fast and efficient service. I got a fantastic result. I fully recommend Incorporator."

    Manoj Makanjee
    Jannali, NSW
    0433 688 863
    16 November 2009

    "I am extremely impressed with the Incorporator system, I am a tradie who has found this Incorporator site extremely helpful and easy to understand. Thank you and well done."

    Mark Neate
    Harrington Park, NSW
    (02) 46475803
    28 October 2009

    "I would like to thank Incorporator for the great service, great price and easy to use website to purchase my PTY LTD company. I will recommend Incorporator to all my business associates and friends. Many thanks."

    Ray Sheehan
    Nan & Pop 269 Pty Ltd
    Beaudesert, QLD
    4 October 2009

    "Incorporator is an absolutely fantastic site to use. My training encompasses the writing of a business plan and I will most definitely recommend Incorporator (without hesitation). Thank you for making, what used to be difficult, so simple."

    Pamela McConchie
    Mount Evelyn, VIC
    14 September 2009

    "As an accredited specialist lawyer practicing immigration law in Sydney, Australia, I am well-aware of the complexities associated with each particular area of law. It is impossible for an individual to be expert in all aspects of law and remain current with recent developments, without significant research and investment of time. For this reason I have used the professional online services of Incorporator.com.au on numerous occasions to prepare the necessary legal documents and lodge company registrations with ASIC on behalf of clients. This way I am sure that all the legal requirements are met and I can provide a prompt and cost effective service."

    Dr Etienne Hugo BLC, LLB, LLD (Pret) Acc. Spec. (Immig)
    Registered Migration Agent and Solicitor
    MARN: 0004435 MIA: 1057
    Teleo Immigration Lawyers
    Ph: (02) 8080 3840

    Parramatta, NSW
    2 September 2009

    "A very, very helpful website, well done. Clear and easy to use. It did not make assumptions and gave excellent directions. Brilliant."

    Tim Dufton
    Woorim, QLD
    28 August 2009

    "All done painlessly on a Sunday night. Much easier than I expected."

    Les Louisson
    Neutral Bay, NSW
    Earthvision Pty Ltd
    27 August 2009

    "Great, easy to use site. Well done."

    David Mollineux
    Templestowe Lower, VIC
    5 August 2009

    "We recently incorporated a company and I just wanted to say that your automated service is easy to use and your after sales service is very helpful and professional. This is the 3rd company we have incorporated through your site and we shall certainly recommend it to others."

    Sunny P Chandra
    Managing Director
    Triveni Infotech Pty Ltd
    GPO Box 2496 Melbourne
    Phone: 03 9667 2700
    Mobile: 0419 846 464

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    IBM Business Partner

    8 July 2009

    "Very easy to use and fast."

    Joel Slattery
    Seven Hills, NSW
    3 June 2009

    "Excellent. Very efficient. Much quicker than the first time I did this about forty years ago."

    John Hunter
    Busselton, WA
    28 May 2009

    "This is a very impressive service - excellent work."

    Neill Whitehead
    Surrey Hills, VIC
    18 March 2009

    "Your service is excellent and easy. Very impressed."

    Anatole Delhay
    Annandale, NSW
    8 March 2009

    "Excellent service that is fast and professional. I highly recommend this service."

    Dr Darrell Ridley
    Burpengary, QLD
    27 February 2009

    "Excellent. Easy to use and cheaper than paying my accountant to do this!"

    Stephen Midson
    Mt Crosby, QLD
    25 February 2009

    "Fantastic . . . so simple to use but extremely effective. Highly recommended. Thank you."

    Dean Annette
    Woori Yallock, VIC
    17 February 2009

    "Excellent. Great site, simple and precise. I have and will continue to pass my praise to colleagues and clients."

    Adam Loadsman
    Surfers Paradise, QLD
    11 February 2009

    "WOW! What a great site! It was so easy although I was daunted at first the phone call to your on-call service was very helpful. I then easily managed to fill out the application for my new company "Mercado Pty. Ltd." and submit it there and then. When I ran into trouble due to my own fault and the application was rejected you called me personally the very next morning after my email to you and had it sorted within a few minutes for me. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

    I thank you sincerely and will tell EVERYONE I know of this excellent resource the Incorporator.com.au website."

    Brian Lord
    Mercado Pty. Ltd. ACN 135 314 091
    Echuca, VIC
    10 February 2009

    "Seamless service, even for someone who is determined never to use a credit card. :) Telephone support very helpful. Will recommend to anyone who needs this service."

    Johnathon Tottenham
    Clarinda, VIC
    27 January 2009

    "This is a great service. A very convenient one-stop shop - especially for beginners."

    Maha Payne
    Minto, NSW
    5 January 2009

    "Thank you for a brilliant service, much appreciated."

    Leisel Speranza
    North Perth, WA
    9 December 2008

    "I cannot recommend your product more happily. Use of your system and automated help is easily negotiated and the support provided with a simple phone call is excellent. You should be commended for offering a registration medium that is affordable and easy to use."

    Robert Easton
    t/a Aztex Cosmopolitan Restaurant
    Cowes, VIC
    26 November 2008

    "Brilliant! The process has been straight forward & easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to incorporate or set up a new business structure!"

    Selina Chong
    Toorak, VIC
    24 November 2008

    "Excellent. Very well explained. You have made this process very clear, quick and simple."

    Mara Dall
    Hermit Park, QLD
    30 September 2008

    "Well done. Easy to follow and efficient. Good work!"

    John Barnes
    Carine, WA
    18 September 2008

    "Excellent site. Very easy to use and very quick response."

    Graham Hayden
    Ferntree Gully, VIC
    15 September 2008

    "Excellent. I think this process is brilliant."

    Robert Forsyth
    Stuart Park, NT
    10 September 2008

    "Fantastic service - helpful when I called and really easy online."

    Owen Tiernan
    Rozelle, NSW
    10 September 2008

    "I must say I'm impressed by the level of service provided by Incorporator. I've found the incorporation process set up by Incorporator very clear and simple to follow."

    Maja Kowalski
    Sydney, NSW
    2 September 2008

    "Incorporator is a pretty cool website where I do all my business incorporations. It is quick, easy, inexpensive and online!"

    Tim Pethick
    nudie Founder
    4 July 2008

    "I have incorporated over 20 companies in my career and this was by far the most cost-effective and efficient way."

    Alan Morgan
    Kew, VIC
    1 July 2008

    "Incorporator is a really great site making registering a new company very simple and straightforward indeed.......and also great value for money."

    John Alwyn-Jones, FTS, MAICD
    The Chairmans Club
    Balgowlah, NSW
    28 June 2008

    "Thanks for a really simple yet sophisticated system. Very user-friendly."

    Michael Wilmot
    Eastwood, NSW
    27 June 2008

    "Easy to use. Fast results. I am very happy with Incorporator."

    Adam Chiodo
    Brunswick East, VIC
    24 June 2008

    "Excellent. The system worked perfectly and was very easy to understand. Thank you for a great service."

    Adam Casperson
    Northgate, QLD
    5 June 2008

    "I found your website very easy to use and your service is second to none. I really appreciate the quick turnaround."

    V. Haymes
    Hallam, VIC
    22 May 2008

    "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and applaud Incorporator.com.au on a KISS ('Keep It Simple Stupid') website. A situation with large benefit presented itself to me impromptu, and left me in an awkward situation. I needed a Company and quick. I required incorporation and could see this was an Australian company offering company incorporations. I went through the simple step-by-step online process with absolute ease using the informative and detailed, yet simple, explanations to all the questions. The process took only 15 minutes!! It was fantastic and I received all the legally required registration details in my email IMMEDIATELY upon payment through your SECURE online ordering page.Your website caters from a novice to business professionals, you don't have to be business savvy to use this website. I believe you're an innovative leader in the field and highly recommend ANYONE that needs a company that meets ALL Australian Governmental requirements to use this web site. You just can't go wrong!! Due to the quick process I was able to present my company details to the largest multi-national mining company on Earth and have secured a guaranteed field trial. This field trial will showcase my company's abilities to at least 28 senior mine managers (various mineral types) that have a common problem. In turn this means being awarded extended contracts with the largest mineral resources companies on the planet. I can't thank you enough for alleviating any chance of a missed opportunity. I'm a very relieved and happy customer. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial."

    Mr Jake Minton
    Managing Director
    Ground Radar Solutions Pty Ltd
    ACN 131 113 507
    Cell: +61 415 130 543
    E: gndradar@gmail.com
    18 May 2008

    "Ground Radar Solutions Pty Ltd can non-intrusively detect down to 25 metres finding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, tunnels, buried treasure, gold, caves, water sepulchres, old graves, pipes, underground buildings, man made features, old water and fuel tanks and other such buried items. Able to conduct survey work worldwide and provide immediate onsite results. Great device for Archaeological digs."

    "Yesterday evening I used your amazing expert system to create the documentation for setting up my son's new company. Incorporator is a brilliant achievement. You can quote me on this. Congratulations and thanks."

    Don Schauder
    Caulfield North, VIC
    13 March 2008

    "The Incorporator service is very informative and logical in its use. Together with the great help-line this gives one confidence in its use."

    Brendan Oakley
    BJ Dean Communications Pty Ltd
    Strathewen, VIC
    13 December 2007

    "The speed and accuracy of Incorporator is excellent. The after hours phone service is the best customer service I have ever experienced."

    Ben Davis
    Coldmack Pty Ltd
    Tanah Merah, QLD
    5 August 2007

    "Excellent. I was dreading setting up my company and had been putting it off until I found Incorporator. Thank you for giving me the confidence to get up and running."

    Lea Lade
    Hampton Park, VIC
    16 June 2007

    "Great product and excellent support service. It is great to know that people such as yourselves still exist at a time when most don't seem to give a damn once they have collected your money. This is our second incorporation through Incorporator and I will have no hesitation in recommending your product and services to our friends and colleagues."

    Martin Ooms
    Bouvard, WA
    21 March 2007

    "Many thanks for your wonderful system . . . it was all organised within minutes. We will highly recommend your service."

    Ben & Kerry Barter
    Charlestown, NSW
    1 March 2007

    "Brilliant. Thanks for taking the stress out of venturing into new territory."

    Pia Winberg
    Narrawallee, NSW
    12 February 2007

    "You truly have a magnificent product. I have incorporated three of my companies through Incorporator, efficiently and economically. I thoroughly recommend your service."

    Steve Maximum
    Camberwell, VIC
    25 October 2006

    "Excellent. A friend told me about Incorporator. I was surprised at how well explained things were. I found the site easy to use - it was an all-round pleasure."

    Anthony Agius
    Burnley, VIC
    26 July 2006

    "I just want to thank you for the level of support you have provided, it is a wonderful change. I have dealt with numerous online companies and yours rates the highest in terms of communication, information and genuinely wanting to help. You have left an excellent impression and I wish you all the best. I certainly will be recommending your services to others who may be interested in forming a company."

    Dene Weslake
    Kellyville, NSW
    30 June 2006

    "I am very satisfied with the Incorporator experience and will recommend it to anyone wishing to incorporate a company the easy and logical way."

    Eduardo Videla
    Redcliffe, WA
    1 June 2006

    "Excellent. Simple to use, thank you so much."

    'Mr Pesty' Pest Control Solutions Pty Ltd
    Canterbury, NSW
    15 April 2006

    "For someone who does not register a company on a regular basis, I must say the system you offer is excellent. It was well explained at each step and the reasons for the different options were clearly set out.

    I found it hard to believe that after such a short period and providing relatively simple information I was in possession of a company.

    I would recommend your service to not only anyone setting up for the first time but also to people who regularly set up new companies."

    Alan Walker
    Proserpine, QLD
    12 July 2005

    "Incorporator combines an efficient website with excellent reference material and first class customer support. I thoroughly recommend Incorporator."

    Simon Marks-Isaacs
    Sydney, NSW
    3 July 2005

    "I just love the simplicity of Incorporator. The web site is a pleasure to use. Everything was explained in easy language that other company formation web sites just could not seem to manage. The back-up phone service was great. I had helpful, polite people that could answer all my queries. Thank you for a great service and keep up the exceptional work."

    Ellen Rayner
    Apollo Bay, VIC
    24 June 2005

    "Very good site. Interactive & easy-to-use. Excellent service - particularly in providing phone support."

    Marissa McCauley
    Camberwell, VIC
    3 May 2005

    "Incorporator is an efficient and easy website. You've made the job of registering a company a breeze."

    Jonathan Cohen
    Bondi Junction, NSW
    27 February 2005

    "Excellent. Great site, makes the process really simple and removes the confusion that the ASIC and other sites create!"

    Viviane Buzzi
    12 January 2005

    "Excellent. Easy to use. Streamlined. Saved a lot of time. Highly recommended."

    Sonia Russell
    Noosaville, Qld
    25 October 2004

    "Great site. By far the cheapest and easiest way to get your business started. And it's the only place I have found that gives you everything you need to know in one spot and in a language that anyone can understand. When I called the 1300 number to ask for help, I got the info I needed without any fuss. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I have already recommended you to a friend."

    Ricardo Luz
    Reservoir, VIC
    12 October 2004

    "Easy and simple to follow."

    Bobbie Taylor
    Padbury, WA
    13 September 2004

    "Your site is the most well organized and thought-out that I have ever seen, and so informative. I'm so happy to have found it. It allowed me to register a company with so much ease and convenience."

    Natalia Galin
    Revesby, NSW
    2 September 2004

    (By the way, you may also be interested to know that we also have a related site - UKcorporator - for company formation in the UK. Also, forming a UK company is much cheaper than forming an Australian company. Further, UK company law does not require that any of the company's directors be resident in the UK.)

    "Due to a business re-structure I needed to register a new company. Having not previously registered a company I didn't know what to include or how to go about it. You have a terrific website which assists people in painlessly registering a company; with your whole site being very easy-to-use and informative. I also liked the fact that you were available via telephone if I needed assistance - and not just your 9-5 hours! Great service that you provide! I'll certainly be recommending you to my friends who may be in need of your services."

    Tara West
    Aussie Resumes
    22 June 2004

    "This was the first time I have had to incorporate a new entity and the web site was fantastic, very clear and concise and I felt confident whilst I was going through the details - excellent!"

    Sharon Johnson
    Financial Controller
    Stanmore, NSW
    9 June 2004

    "Great site. Information could be saved and retrieved at a later date - a brilliant time saver. Also the instructions were clear and concise. Overall a 10/10 service."

    Daryl Walker
    Thurgoona, NSW
    12 May 2004

    "I found out about Incorporator via a CCH email alert. Excellent service. Good to be able to organise a company incorporation without waiting on other service providers."

    Elizabeth Clifford CPA
    Frankston, VIC
    4 May 2004

    "Excellent. Simplicity of use and availability of information were terrific."

    Nick Carpenter
    Rose Bay, NSW
    20 April 2004

    "When I needed to form a company I asked my accountant for a quote. He was going to charge more than twice as much as Incorporator would. So I decided to use the Incorporator online method. I am glad I did. The staff at Incorporator were very knowledgeable, helpful and answered all of my questions. The process of registering the company was a breeze ... . The replaceable rules instead of the constitution seems to me to be a very intelligent structure. I would recommend this method to anyone considering starting a company."

    Jim Quilter
    Parramatta, NSW
    8 January 2004

    "Excellent. Your [Incorporator] program is very user friendly. I believe many people would consider incorporation. However, they are frightened of the complexities of getting a company off the ground. Your program and additional resources take away most of those headaches."

    K. Berecz
    Beregen Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
    Deer Park, Victoria
    9 September 2003

    "Excellent. An easy to use service that also provides clear and plain English information on what each option is about. I would also like to add that your [Incorporator] 'Resources' page provides a very thorough listing of additional information and resources. It is a very useful and helpful additional tool."

    Matt McIver
    Strathewen, Victoria
    19 June 2003

    "Excellent, simple, fast and cost effective. And excellent free help desk assistance. I can thoroughly recommend the site and will continue to use Incorporator for all my future company registration requirements."

    Richard Anderson
    Chartered Accountant
    St Kilda West
    30 May 2003

    "After consultation with two solicitors, an accountant and a shelf company provider, this [Incorporator] programme offered a great way to get the public company up and running quickly and at minimal cost (VERY important for a non profit organisation with little money). Easy to navigate and very clear with directions and most legal requirements - with very clear instructions of when to seek further legal/accounting professional advice (not to mention affordable). A life saver for our organisation.

    I will certainly be recommending Incorporator to anyone I come across who needs/wants to set up a company. Lovely and painless :) Thank you!"

    Victoria Davidson
    Tennyson, Qld
    01 April 2003

    "I am a management consultant specialising in the areas of corporate development, technology commercialization, business turnaround and insolvency. I am a sole practitioner. I am often required to register a new company for a client and while this is not my core business, the process still contributes profit. However the administrative side particularly relating to preparing documents for the company register is tedious and not cost effective for me to attend to personally.

    I recently registered a company online through Incorporator.com.au and I was most impressed.

    The process of completing the incorporation application on-line, which must be undertaken in any event, automatically produces the required documents for the company register, ready for downloading and printing.

    This process is simple and logical and I struggle to find fault with it. I commend you and your team on excellent design work.

    I am very happy to recommend your product to either practitioners with regular demand or individuals who wish to attempt their own registration but lack the process knowledge to do so properly.

    I also authorise you to show or copy this letter to any parties and at your discretion, as an unconditional endorsement of the Incorporator.com.au product.

    All the best.

    Yours sincerely,"

    David Rosenblum BCom
    Managing Director
    South Brisbane, Qld
    (07) 3846 4830
    10 March 2003

    "This [Incorporator] has been easy to use and efficient. You provide an excellent service for a very reasonable fee and having received an unexpected phone call to ensure there were no problems I feel trusting of the process. Thankyou."

    Charlotte Winslade
    27 February 2003

    "Excellent. Saved me hours and dollars.

    Jill Abernethy
    Managing Director
    Graffiti Guard Pty Ltd
    Dayboro, Qld
    28 January 2003

    "Great idea, great product."

    Mark Bradley
    CEO, Tralee Software Group
    03 January 2003

    "I found Incorporator.com.au the most useful website I have visited in the last 6 months. It made the daunting task of forming a company a 20 minute affair. .... This is what the web was meant to be, and it's nice to know that there was a human at the other end that picked up my silly mistake. Thanks for all your help."

    David Mitchell PhD, MEI
    Parallel Biotechnologies Pty Ltd
    Eastwood, NSW
    24 October 2002

    "I heard about you from an SMH article in August last year. Am very impressed - the whole process was very easy. Well spent $150 - even for the budget conscious."

    Rae Clark, B. Bus.
    Horningsea Park, NSW
    29 July 2002

    "Excellent. Extremely helpful and useful website. As a software developer I am most impressed by the speed, ease of use and friendliness of the site."

    John O'Neill (Managing Director, O'Neill Software Consulting Pty. Ltd.)
    Upwey, VIC
    24 June 2002

    "Incorporator's company formation service was extremely easy to use. I found the help explanations extremely informative. The service saved me a lot of time in forming a company."

    Amanda Mason
    Communications Manager
    Pure Commerce Pty Ltd
    Sydney, NSW
    08 May 2002

    "Excellent. This [Incorporator] is the most useful tool I have found to help small business in Australia. 10 out of 10. I have since recommended this site to many of my colleagues who are looking at registering companies and various organisations. Hopefully you will earn your just rewards for creating this little marvel of a web site that has a real purpose and use amongst so many others of no use."

    Kevin Howard
    Bowral, NSW
    28 February 2002

    "As someone who detests filling in forms, even for a raffle! , I found your site excellent. The ease to fill in this form, that could be so complicated was, a pleasure to complete."

    Bill Alexiou-Hucker
    St Ives, NSW
    29 January 2002

    "Incorporator is excellent. Clear, concise, cheap, does the job. Well done!"

    David Michalzik
    Water Automation Pty Ltd
    Kelmscott, WA
    21 January 2002

    "Dear Incorporator,

    I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent website and service. It is very easy to use and I appreciated the prompts to provide answers to the questions I had as I completed the application.

    Having set up a number of Companies in the past I have often been frustrated by the time delays and costs involved. ...

    So I am obviously extremely pleased to have been able to do it myself in a matter of minutes...

    I also appreciated the fact that I was able to get assistance on your 1300 number [ 1300 653 373 ] even though I was calling outside normal business hours. I can see why you recently won the CCH award for Legal technology.

    Well done and you can certainly expect return business from our group of Companies."

    Andy Beatty
    Regional Manager
    Protector Security Group
    01 December 2001

    "I wish to say how helpful and easy your [Incorporator] website was to use. I have already referred someone to your site needing to set up a company."

    Celia Morgan
    East Bentleigh, VIC
    29 November 2001

    "This is exactly the type of service the Web can deliver very well. A well designed Web site which provides a useful, easy-to-use service."

    Tom Crawley
    FREE ACCESS magazine (www.freeaccess.com.au)
    20 August 2001

    "Having just finished using Incorporator, I thought some additional feedback to your quick quiz on the final page might be useful. I originally used a search engine whilst I was overseas to find out about establishing a company and the results came up with you and one other. The other site was lamentably poor on information and difficult to navigate. In contrast, yours is extremely well set out with just about every question that one might have answered. Plus you have the handy ongoing hints as to how to run a company. In addition, as you work through the process one would have to be really dumb not to be able to complete it without further help. All the explanations are extremely clear and helpful, and have the advantage of the cross-references to the Company Law etc.

    Frankly, I think this is a superb example of how such a site should be set up and is probably one of the most user friendly I have ever encountered. Please feel free to refer any future clients to me should they be looking for some independent feedback on how someone else has found the site. They can use my e-mail or mobile 0438 112 340."

    Mike Frowen
    Gold Coast, Qld
    09 August 2001

    "This [Incorporator] is such an easy comprehensive service that allows me to build in some margin for setting up new companies."

    Brian Hickey CPA
    Brisbane, QLD
    11 July 2001

    "Your web site is excellent because you go to great extremes to explain the detail rather than assuming the user knows everything. The ability to save different versions is also a great feature since not all the time one has the required information on hand. Life is a lot simpler for the layman when using your service."

    Rodney Cameron
    Sunnybank Hills, QLD
    08 June 2001

    "I would like to thank you for your follow up service and particularly the incorporator website as this made a potentially frustrating exercise quite simple."

    South Australia
    06 April 2001

    "I would like to let you know that I have found this new and innovative system to register a company, compiling the documents through your [Incorporator] web site, absolutely fantastic. The price is right, and the information and options you outline are very good and easy to follow. This beats buying a shelf company in my opinion. Well done!"

    Franz Wenger, Adelaide
    24 March 2001

    "I have just finished using "Incorporator" for the first time and have to say that it was a painless, user-friendly experience. Much better and less time consuming than wading my way through endless phone calls and bureaucracy. It is an easy step-by-step process which would particularly assist the first timer. The "Help Line" was great and able to offer other advice and assistance. It was also "jargon" free! Well done."

    Tim May
    Bright, Victoria
    27 February 2001

    "I would like to thank the owners and operators of Incorporator. I found the information provided and assistance offered made a job I expected to be complex, incredibly simple. I would not hesitate to recommend Incorporator to anyone because you can fill in the application at your own pace in the comfort of your own home and have every aspect of the process explained in detail in a language that is easy to understand."

    Peter Player
    Seven Hills, NSW
    03 January 2001

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